#WIMIntern Writing Team Application Task 1! :)

Konichiwa! I’m Jerenze Cuaki, but you can call me Renz or Christian (coz the latter is my second name btw hihi). I’m 18 years old (born March 28, 1999 in Iloilo City and I lived for 10 years before moving to Manila) and I’m an upcoming Grade 12 student in the Academic Track – General Academics Strand of Sacred Heart Academy of La Loma. I can be tough-talking, but I have a heart to everyone. I can be one of the chubbiest colleague in the team if I will be accepted, lol! Seriously, I’m tall but chubby.

Fueled with passion, I have many interests in life. Basically, I’m inclined in using electronics such as computers and smartphones. For me, when the free time strikes, I play my favorite rhythm music games in a nearby Quantum every two weeks and I play hours of mobile games such as LoveLive! School Idol Festival and Minecraft in my home. Who knows, I am dreaming to be a champion in those games! But gaming is not just my favorite interest. I love to take photographs, listen to music, browse social media, swimming in the beach or pool, going through places, dining in fastfoods to fine dining specialties and best of all, meeting people everyday. 

I also have many dreams in life. My future dream is to be a great partner for change. I want to help people succeed in life and make everyone happy, but I still do not have an exact choice of my career despite being interested in computers. Once I stepped out of my senior high school comfort zone, it will be an exciting part of my life. Career is not just my future dream as I also dream to travel in different destinations around the world. 

My interest for writing became a thing as I joined my school paper “The Sacredian.” Unfortunately, it is not what me and my clubmates are truly expecting and my interest became dwindled. But it did not stopped me from writing articles. I wrote essays, poems and write-ups in exams and seatworks as requirements, I wrote concept papers and theses in English and Filipino, and I wrote some worthwhile restaurant and place reviews in Zomato and Facebook. I had a newly-relaunched blog here which I post features, essays and also some great articles for people to read, although I am just a newbie in blogging. 

Why I am a good fit for WheninManila.com’s squad?

– I am a good citizen who can change the future by writing.

– I am a man who can take great challenges and situations, despite just being new.

– I express my love to my interests, from food to places to photographs.

– I am in a desire to explore what is new and what is trending.

– I live my life to the fullest, positive or negative.

– I enjoy meeting new people and forming friendships that will help grow my masterpieces.

– I express my stories online if I cannot express it in a piece of paper.

– I’m ready for any level of constructive criticism.

– I’m comfortable to work myself in my couch or with my colleagues.

– I’m in a desire to learn more valuable lessons from this intern until I become a professional blogger and writer.

– I’m with a heart to be an inspiration to everyone in this world and to leave a great mark for the community.

– And, I’m a man who can produce articles that can capture the hearts of everyone worldwide.


I dare to dream. 

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